The Carnival of Cultures begins on 2 June in Berlin


Visiting Berlin at this time of year is a great idea: starting in June, we can enjoy the Berlin Carnival of Cultures (Karneval der Kulturen).

This festival takes place every year during the Pentecost week and is a celebration of cultural diversity. This year, the celebrations will kick off on Friday 2 June with the Street Fest, the carnival’s main attraction. keep reading

Where is… Berlin’s autumn?


Summer comes to an end in Germany when you can hear the laughter and the noise from the Oktoberfest in Munich in every corner. In late September and early October, known by the Germans as “Altweibersommer” (Indian summer) season, tourists return to their respective countries and local people go back to their daily routines. This is the perfect time to enjoy Berlinkeep reading

Where is… the best breakfast in Berlin?


Good morning GatRoomer! A great and cosy breakfast is waiting for you at Gat Point Charlie Hotel. We already know you will like to find seasonal products, our handmade products and local food as well.

We love you as we love our handmade cakes and pastries: Carrot and chocolate cakes, chocolate cookies, apple pie … we do it all at Gat Rooms!

keep reading