6 Berlin bookshops

@Caroline Kurze

Do you tend to lose track of time browsing along the shelves in a bookshop? Do you love nothing more than spending an entire afternoon with your head in a book? Do you like discovering a country’s history and literature through its authors and books?

If you are a die-hard bookworm, this article on Berlin bookshops is just the thing for you. Some of them even have a cafeteria for sustenance during your readathon!

The Friedrichshain district is home to Shakespeare and Sons, an establishment that sells books in English and serves delicious bagels at their in-shop café.

@Caroline Kurze

Poor and Literate, located in Prenzlauer Berg, is also a café by day and a bar by night, with a film club and a gallery. The entire space is dedicated to literature, whisky and art. Enjoy a Scottish malt whisky after browsing the bookshop section, which is called “Virginia Woolf’s Library”.


Another Country, in Kreuzberg, offers books in English and second-hand bargains, which you can either buy or rent for €1.50. Don’t miss their regular events, such as readings or film nights.

@Philipp Külker

Ocelot, in Mitte, is a hip and unusual bookshop managed by a team of bibliophiles that are mad about design and love passionate discussion, great coffee and food.


At Tasso, every book costs just €1.50, making it impossible not to treat yourself to some good literature! They also serve great food – we highly recommend the weekend breakfast for two!


Bücherbogen in Savignyplatz is the ideal place to lose yourself among its books on fashion, design and photography. You will find some of them in the huge section of English editions.


We’re convinced that you will be unable to resist temptation at these intriguing bookshops in our book-loving city of Berlin! Why not bring your purchases back to the Room Room Bar at Hotel Gat Point Charlie and dive into them while you enjoy a drink before lunch?