The 7 best bars and coffee shops in Lisbon

best bars in lisbon

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Are you planning your trip to Lisbon? It´s a city full of leisure and cultural options worth visiting, so get ready for a tour of the whole city.

With so many options and so much walking during the day, you will probably need to make a little stop to gather your strength, relax for a while and organize your next step.So, to help you with this, here you have our recommendation of the 7 best bars and coffee shops in Lisbon to enjoy an excellent coffee or a tasty breakfast during your trip.

Lisbon has lots of great gastronomic options, and it’s famous for its internationally renowned codfish and its sweets and deserts. It’s because of this, that you can find many bars and coffee shops (not just restaurants) to really enjoy some typical Lisbon gastronomy.


1-. Pop Cereal Café

Unique bar in Barrio Santo for parents and kids to taste all kinds of cereals with different toppings from Europe with pure American style: ice cream, syrup, sweets, etc..

You will also find the coffee and shakes reasonably priced. Pop Cereal Café is decorated in an original style with different cereal boxes and some comic drawings.


Address: Rua Do Norte, 64

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 9:00-24:00

best bars in lisbon










2-. Landeau Chocolate

Landeau Chocolate is a coffee shop with a cozy intimate atmosphere with soft ambient music. It’s famous for its chocolate cake, considered the best in Lisbon and named as one of the best in the world by the international gastronomic press.

It’s located in Chiado closed to the usual tourist route. So, if you fancy relaxing for a while, or having a coffee and a unique piece of cake, you don’t have to deviate a lot from your route.


Address: Rua das Flores, 70

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 12:00-19:00


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3-. Fabrica da Nata

Coffee shop specialising in handmade cream pastries, which you can accompany with wine or coffee. Meanwhile, you can watch as they prepare the pastries and take them out of the oven, an amazing show. For some people, these pastries are even better than in Pasteis de Belém cake shop, famous for its Belém pastries known worldwide.

If you are looking for a place to have a nice breakfast in Lisbon, go to Fabrica da Nata to charge your batteries for a whole day walking and enjoying the city. Apart from cream pastries, they also have coffee, juice and some sandwiches.


Address: Praça dos Restauradores 62 -68

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 8:00-23:00

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 4-. Pasteis de Belem

Famous cake shop located in Belém neighborhood with the classic Belém pastries, the most famous, internationally known desert from Lisbon with a 170-year-old recipe.

If you like sweets, you can’t leave Lisbon without going to this cake shop to have one of these little pastries made of puff pastry stuffed with a yummy cream. You can accompany them with a coffee or a glass of Oporto wine.

You should take into account that, there’s always a large queue to take away pastries. They’re really tasty and reasonable priced so, be patient, it’s worth it.


Address: R. Belém 84-92

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 8:00-24:00

best bars in lisbon


5-. Fabrica Lisboa

Bar and cake shop decorated in a vintage style that looks like an old haberdashery. It´s famous for its croissants. Everything is handmade and reasonably priced. It is a great option to go for breakfast, or for a little stop to relax and take a snack.

It’s worth mentioning that it is usually crowded and you have to wait for a while to get a seat.


best bars in lisbon

Address: R. da Madalena 121

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 9:00-19:00


6-. Focaccia in Gio

Best bar in Lisbon specialized in focaccias and so close to Panteón Nacional, that you can see it from the terrace.

Apart from focaccias you will also find varied cold meat and tasty sweets, but they are little bit more expensive. It has austere but nice decoration with the typical Lisbon tiles on its tables and recycled furniture.

An ideal day plan could be going to Mercado de Ladra in the morning (open only on Tuesday) and afterwards, going to Focaccia in Gio, having a snack and organizing the rest of your day.


best bars in lisbon

Address: Campo Santa Clara 141

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 9:00-18:00


7-.Fabrica Coffee Roasters

 Ideal coffee shop to go for a sandwich and other meal options, juices and an excellent coffee, considered one of the best in Lisbon. Fabrica Coffee Roasters is a small, modern, quiet and charming store with a good ambient music. The price is a little bit higher than the average bars in Lisbon.

It’s a good plan to go early in the morning to have breakfast, or at night for a light dinner after your intense day in Lisbon. Pay attention, the bar is not easy to find, as it is a little bit hidden away from the main street.


best bars in lisbon


Adress: Rua das Portas de Santo Antao 136

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 08:00-20:00


These are our recommendation of the best bars and coffee shops in Lisbon to enjoy a tasty breakfast or make a little stop during your days in Lisbon. Have you already visited any of them? Are you planning to go to some of them? Tell us by leaving a comment.