7 heavenly ice cream parlours in Lisbon


Many makers of traditional Italian ice cream have fallen in love with Lisbon, which explains the incredible variety of first-rate Italian ice cream parlours in the city.
In this post, we introduce a selection of the best-known or least crowded parlours, which are your ticket to discovering refreshing new delicacies during your adventures in the capital and trying mouth-watering flavours that will have you hooked!

Gelados Conchanata is a family business that has passed down through several generations and shares its name with their scrumptious speciality, “La Conchanata”: 4 scoops of ice cream served in a shell and topped with strawberry syrup.


La Fabbrica is “the old ice cream factory on Avenida de Berna”, where you can still see the same “factory” where they make traditional ice cream today.


Gelato Davvero is a classic Italian ice cream parlour, although they use fresh Portuguese ingredients and offer more innovative flavours such as salted caramel, carrot or walnut and ricotta.


Santini, which opened in 1949, is one of the most popular parlours in the city and some of its ice creams are ranked among the best in the world. World-famous Catalan chef Jordi Roca is a huge fan, and recommends trying the fruit sorbets.


Marco, the man behind Mú ice creams, is the third generation of Italian pastry chefs in his family. He is revolutionising the ice cream scene in Lisbon with more than 50 lactose and gluten-free flavours.


Nannarella stands out for its exquisite flavours and ingredients, which include pistachios and almonds brought in from Italy and other local products such as Oporto (port) and Ginja de Óbidos (sour cherry liqueur).


Our last recommendation is A Veneziana, which was one of the first Italian gelaterie to open in the capital. It is just a minute’s walk from the terrace at the Hotel Gat Rossio, which is an ideal place to kick back and savour a creamy, delicious ice cream.