Berlin from the heights


Some say that a fear of heights is more about being scared you will throw yourself off than actually falling, and that vertigo is caused by being so strongly attracted to the depths before you that you feel an urge to jump.
That’s why people love going up to the highest point in any given city to enjoy a bird’s eye view from the very edge of a terrace above the abyss.
In Berlin, you would realize just how green the city is thanks to its extensive parks. You would also discover that it was built low to the ground, which makes the more modern skyscrapers stand out in stark contrast, and you would have the perfect panoramic view of the city’s most important buildings and monuments.
This post is about four places that are perfect for discovering Berlin from the heights. There is something for everyone, whether you love being perched on a ledge or prefer to sit at a more conservative table at a rooftop bar.


Zionskirche Tower

The Mitte district is home to a beautiful arched window through which you can enjoy a close-up view of the city without the city seeing you.



Klunkerkranich Rooftop Bar

Don’t miss watching the sun set over the rooftops of Berlin. Stay awhile afterwards – they serve food and fresh fruit juices and there is live music, too.



Leave your fear of heights on terra firma and venture up 420 stairs. It is well worth the hike to take in the spectacular views of Berlin from 78 metres above ground.


Apart from our selection of personal favourites, there are other places in Berlin that are renowned for their views over the city, such as the dome of Berlin Cathedral, the Berliner Fernsehturm TV tower, the Panoramapunkt viewpoint, the Siegessäule victory column and the Funkturm tower.
Oh, and don’t forget: there are great views of the city from Hotel Gat Point Charlie...