In the mood for colours – Berlin & Lisbon

The Hotel Gat Rossio presents the exhibition “In the mood for colours: Berlin & Lisbon”, work of Brazilian photographer Maria von Staa, which will run from 4th May through 29th June.

“Berlin brought me the consciousness of space, architecture and dimension. Lisbon made me get closer and focus on small fragments. I like to document unique moments of light, patterns and shadows that happen by chance. The subject could be texture, color or shape”. Behind these words of Maria von Staa, hides the intention of this exhibition that portrays how “beautiful and colorful the randomness of our everyday life can be”. The pictures are of Berlin and Lisbon, the two homes of the artist. 

The exhibit’s opening took place on Friday, 4 May 2018, at 18h30 at Hotel Gat Rossio (R. do Jardim do Regedor, 27).