The most beautiful national parks in Germany

European Park Day is celebrated on 24 May every year. Its aim is to protect natural areas. We have chosen the eight most beautiful parks in Germany for you.
Black Forest National Park
The forests of the Black Forest are dense and dark. Since the beginning of May 2014, this area in the south-west of Germany has been a fully-fledged national park. Rare bird species such as the capercaillie find refuge in the dense forests of spruce and beech, while its marshes are home to the endangered European common viper.
Jasmund National Park
The Baltic island of Rügen is known for its cliffs. The German Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich made them a monument in his well-known work “White Cliffs on Rügen”. Add to that the island’s centuries-old beech forests and you have the perfect setting.
Müritz National Park
The Müritz National Park protects part of the Mecklenburg Lake District. In the water-rich landscape, it is possible to see virgin forests and to observe birds such as ospreys on its more than 100 lakes. Much of the park can be explored by boat or canoe.
Hainich National Park
“Jungle in the middle of Germany”. This is how the Hainich National Park in Thuringia is also known. In its forests, visitors can observe wild cats or travel through the treetops on specially constructed hiking trails.
he forests of the Black Forest. Since the beginning of May 2014, this area in the southwest of Germany has been a fully-fledged national park. In the dense forests of spruce and beech, rare bird species such as the capercaillie find refuge here, while its marshes are home to the endangered European common viper.
West Pomeranian Lagoon National Park
Also called ‘Baltic Sea Lagoons’, the islands that make up the park are islands or peninsulas separated from the Baltic Sea. The marshes and waters of the National Park are an important resting place for different types of migratory birds. For example, cranes, which arrive in their thousands every autumn on their way south.

Saxon Switzerland National Park
The rock formations in this park have been a favourite destination for climbers for 150 years. Some of the peaks are reached by stairs, making them easily accessible to visitors. From the heights it is possible to appreciate a wonderful panorama of cliffs, ravines and forests. A real dream.
Berchtesgaden National Park
This is the only German national park in the Alps. Located in southeastern Bavaria, this protected area is marked by the crevasses that characterise its steep rocks, but also offers green meadows and lakes. Marmots, eagles and chamois are native to this area.
Black Forest National Park
The forests of the Black Forest are dense and dark. Since the beginning of May 2014, this area in the south-west of Germany has been a fully-fledged national park. Rare bird species such as the capercaillie find refuge in the dense forests of spruce and beech, while its marshes are home to the endangered European common viper.

Art exhibition “Agata Zaleszczyk–Hamme Portraits”

It is a pleasure to invite you to the premiere of our next art exhibition “Agata Zaleszczyk – Hamme Portraits” by Agata Zaleszczyk – Hamme.

Come to discover Zaleszczyk’s ongoing creative exploration, in which “the line, the brushstroke, the colour themselves tell actual stories”.

Check out the artist’s work on

Friday, January 17, 2020.
7 Pm at Gat Point Charlie

Please confirm your attendance via email to before 10.01.2020.

6 Berlin bookshops

@Caroline Kurze

Do you tend to lose track of time browsing along the shelves in a bookshop? Do you love nothing more than spending an entire afternoon with your head in a book? Do you like discovering a country’s history and literature through its authors and books?

If you are a die-hard bookworm, this article on Berlin bookshops is just the thing for you. Some of them even have a cafeteria for sustenance during your readathon!

The Friedrichshain district is home to Shakespeare and Sons, an establishment that sells books in English and serves delicious bagels at their in-shop café.

@Caroline Kurze

Poor and Literate, located in Prenzlauer Berg, is also a café by day and a bar by night, with a film club and a gallery. The entire space is dedicated to literature, whisky and art. Enjoy a Scottish malt whisky after browsing the bookshop section, which is called “Virginia Woolf’s Library”.


Another Country, in Kreuzberg, offers books in English and second-hand bargains, which you can either buy or rent for €1.50. Don’t miss their regular events, such as readings or film nights.

@Philipp Külker

Ocelot, in Mitte, is a hip and unusual bookshop managed by a team of bibliophiles that are mad about design and love passionate discussion, great coffee and food.


At Tasso, every book costs just €1.50, making it impossible not to treat yourself to some good literature! They also serve great food – we highly recommend the weekend breakfast for two!


Bücherbogen in Savignyplatz is the ideal place to lose yourself among its books on fashion, design and photography. You will find some of them in the huge section of English editions.


We’re convinced that you will be unable to resist temptation at these intriguing bookshops in our book-loving city of Berlin! Why not bring your purchases back to the Room Room Bar at Hotel Gat Point Charlie and dive into them while you enjoy a drink before lunch?

Exhibition: “Half human. Half Beast”

Last June 7, 2018, Gat Point Charlie hosted the vernissage of the exhibition “Half Human Half Beast” by Walter Tello und Lucila Bristow organised by Karne Kunst. For the first time with music by DJ ABRIBASS.

Come to see the magnificent and polyvalent work of the artists until the 5th of August!



A street food market in every major neighbourhood

@ NeilGHamilton

In case you haven’t had the chance to see it, our last post was about markets in Lisbon. This time, we want to talk about markets in Berlin. Instead of naming a market for every day of the week, we are introducing a market in each of the city’s main neighbourhoods; instead of second-hand and antiques markets, our focus today is on street food.

The neighbourhoods that house our selection of markets are multicultural Kreuzberg, quiet Prenzlauer Berg, bustling Friedrichshain, elegant and refined Schöneberg, diplomatic Wilmersdorf and trendy Kreuzkölln.


Street Food Thursday

When: Every Thursday from 17:00 ‒ 22:00.
Where: Eisenbahnstrasse, 42/43.
Insider tip: Enjoy tasting food from all over the world, but make sure the beer is local! Check out Heidenpeters to get you started…

@ juliebyday

Bite Club

When: Selected Fridays from 17:00 – 22:00.
Where: Arena Berlin, Eichenstrasse, 4.
Insider tip: Enjoy open-air sundown events around the old Hoppetosse party boat in Kreuzberg.


Prenzlauer Berg:

Street Food auf Achse

When: Every Sunday from 12:00 ‒ 18:00.
Where: Kulturbrauerei, Schönhauser Allee, 38.
Insider tip: Cool off with a delicious smoothie!



Boxhagener Platz Food Market

When: Every Saturday from 09:00 ‒ 15.30.
Where: Grünberger Str. 75.
Insider tip: Seize your opportunity to try a typical German Currywurst!



Winterfeldt Markt

When: Wednesdays from 08:00 ‒ 13:00 and Saturdays from 08:00 ‒ 16:00.
Where: Winterfeldtplatz.
Insider tip: Ever heard of Maultaschen? Discover it here!



Thai Park

When: Weekends during good weather from 11:00 ‒ 22:00.
Where: Preußenpark, Fehrbelliner Platz.
Insider tip: look for the lady that sells sweet mango and sticky rice!

@ berlinthroughsophseyes


Turkish Market

When: Tuesdays and Fridays from 11:00 ‒ 18:30.
Where: Maybachufer.
Insider tip: The traditional köfte meatballs and hummus are delicious.

@ NeilGHamilton

“Bosquejo de una Memoria” by Elías and Florencia Lizama


Chilean artists, father and daughter, Elías Lizama and Florencia Lizama, and Karnekunst present “Bosquejo de una Memoria” (Trace from a memory), which consists of deconstruction exercises, based mainly on analog photographs made in Chile, during the years 1975-1995 by Elias Lizama.

These photographs are rescued by Florencia, who plays to decipher the memory of her father and her own, through new creations that are directly or indirectly related to the main image. In addition to inviting to remember, “Trace of a memory” invites us to decipher the meaning and importance of family memory in our lives. From a political and emotional perspective, the work is created with the intention of finding new meanings in past events, in order to understand the present.

While the artistic work of Elías is developed in the field of analog photography in 35mm. format. Then Florencia writes poetry (or also called “anti-poetry”) and through collage and the intervention of photographs of unknown authors and years.

The event´s vernissage will be at Gat Point Charlie in Berlin on 24 February 2018 at 18:30. The exhibition will be open until 22 March 2018.

Join the Facebook event here: