#10yearsgatrossio #giveaway

Contest rules #10yearsgatrossio #giveaway

1. Objective
Gat Rooms is holding a giveaway on Instagram from 1-30 June 2019 to celebrate Hotel Gat Rossio’s 10th anniversary. The prize is a discount code for booking a stay at Hotel Gat Rossio in Lisbon and the chance to win a free gift to be collected on arrival.

2. Organization
The giveaway is organized by Gat Rooms Hotels and is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Instagram.

3. Entry restrictions
To take part in the giveaway, participants must:
– be aged 18 or older;
– follow @gatrooms on Instagram

4. Entry instructions
1. Like the giveaway post.
2. Tag 3 friends who you think might like to travel to Lisbon.
3. During the month of June 2019, use the discount code when you book a stay at Hotel Gat Rossio between 1 June 2019 – 31 December 2019, inclusive, at http://b.link/gat10.

5. Prize
In addition to the discount, guests who use the promotional code for their booking and tag 3 friends on the giveaway post will receive one of the following prizes on arrival:
– Discounts in restaurants
– Complimentary drinks in traditional venues
– Discounts on books
– Discounts on guided tours
– Free HIPPOtrip ticket for 1 adult
– Lonely Planet travel guide
– Discounted tickets to Super Bock Super Rock festival
– Free 2-night stay for two people at Gat Point Charlie, Berlin
– Discount on a 2-night stay for two guests at Gat Point Charlie, Berlin
– Promotional merchandise and gifts
Prizes will be selected randomly by a giveaway picker tool.

6. General terms
– Children are forbidden from entering the draw.
– All discounts and experiential prizes must be redeemed between 1 June 2019 – 31 December 2019 (inclusive).
– Prizes are not exchangeable.

7. Other specifications
– Gat Rooms reserves the right to collect and use the personal data provided by giveaway participants for internal purposes.
– Gat Rooms reserves the right to use the participants’ contact details to send them commercial information on the hotel.

8. Acceptance and publication of the contest rules
– Participation in the giveaway implies the acceptance of the rules of the draw. These rules will be available through the link in @gatrooms Instagram bio and at Reception in Hotel Gat Rossio.

Photography contest: #mygatmoment

Contest rules #mygatmoment

1. Objective
Gat Rooms will hold a photo contest on Instagram from 1-30 June 2019 with the aim of encouraging people to take creative pictures at Hotel Gat Rossio in Lisbon. The winner will enjoy the prize of a two-night stay for two people at Hotel Gat Point Charlie in Berlin.

2. Organization
The contest is organized by Gat Rooms Hotels and is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Instagram.

3. Entry restrictions
To enter, participants must:
– be aged 18 or over;
– follow @gatrooms on Instagram or Facebook;
– be a current or former guest at Hotel Gat Rossio or a current or former Gat Rooms employee.

4. Entry instructions
1. You must follow @gatrooms on social media to be eligible for entry in the contest.
2. Take an original, creative photograph of a memorable moment at Hotel Gat Rossio.
3. Post your picture on Instagram or Facebook between 1-30 June 2019.
4. Add the hashtags #mygatmoment and #10yearsgatrossio and tag @gatrooms. Make sure your post is public so that we see it.

Contest Winners

There will be two winners: one former or current employee and one former or current guest.
A jury appointed by Gat Rooms Hotels will select the winning photographs from among those posted correctly according to the instructions listed above in point 4 and taking into consideration the originality, creativity and quality of the image.
The winners will be announced and contacted on @gatrooms social media accounts on 8 July. They must accept the prize by responding to the first message by no later than 22 July 2019.
The names of the winners will then be published with their photographs on @gatrooms social media accounts.

5. Prize
Two prizes of a two-night stay for two people in our hotel Gat Point Charlie in Berlin will be awarded.

6. General terms

– Gat Rooms will assume that any photograph that features a minor will have been taken and published with express parental consent.

– Gat Rooms reserves the right to use any photograph shared by any participant in the contest for future promotions or publication on its social media accounts.

– Gat Rooms reserves the right to disqualify any participant who fails to comply with the entry restrictions and contest rules.

– Gat Rooms reserves the right to delete submissions that are shared from fake or questionable profiles. Photographs with a clear promotional purpose or that fail to comply with current legislation will not be accepted.

7. Other specifications
– The Gat Rooms jury reserves the right to select and alternative winner if the winner announced does not confirm their desire to accept the prize, rejects it or fails to comply with any of the conditions set out in these contest rules.

8. Acceptance and publication of the contest rules
– Participation in the contest implies the acceptance of its terms. The invitation to enter indicates the website address at which these rules can be accessed, and a copy will be made available at Reception in Hotel Gat Rossio.

Travel Smart in Lisbon: Mouraria


Some say that Mouraria is Lisbon’s forgotten neighbourhood, but here at Gat we could never let our guests overlook it! Located in the heart of the city, it is an oasis of traditional Lisbon culture. The iconic fado music was born in these streets, where it also became popular among the upper classes thanks to Maria Severa, a prostitute said to have introduced it to the aristocracy during an affair with a blue-blooded lover at the beginning of the 20th century.

Mouraria is also the most multicultural area in the Portuguese capital. After the conquest of Lisbon in the Middle Ages, King Afonso Henriques created a Muslim ghetto in this area near the castle, which became known as “La Mouraria” or the “Moorish quarter”. Since then, it has been the city’s major centre of immigration and cultural diversity.



Above and beyond the unmissable Praça Martim Moniz, chapel of Nossa Senhora da Saúde, narrow streets of Beco do Jasmim, Rua dos Trigueiros and Beco das Farinhas, which lead to the Escadinhas de São Cristóvão stairs, here is a list of our favourite restaurants, fado houses and bars.



Cozinha Popular is the place to head for a culinary tour of Angola, Cape Verde and Brazil. If Mozambican cuisine is more your thing, don’t miss Cantinha do Aziz, but if Portuguese food is what gets your taste buds going, O Trigueirinho has you covered.



Maria de Mouraria is undoubtedly Lisbon’s greatest fado house. This former brothel is where Maria de Severo, a popular local singer, worked until her lover, the Count of Vimioso, bought it for her to live in.



Our favourite watering holes are Renovar Mouraria and Boutique Taberna, which are both popular with locals keen to enjoy a crisp white vinho verde or a barbecue to the rhythmic beat of African or Brazilian music.



Last, but definitely not least, don’t forget to visit the smallest book shop in the world, the Livraria do João (take a look at our post).

Easter in Lisbon by Gat Rossio

As the capital of a Catholic country, Lisbon opens up its chest of enchanting customs and traditions during Easter Week. In this post, we share some of our favourites with you.

One of the unmissable culinary treats over the Easter period is the Folar da Páscoa, a sweet or savoury bread that represents the bread eaten at the last supper, and is baked with hard-boiled eggs in the dough to represent the resurrection of Jesus.


As tradition dictates, meat is off the menu on Good Friday, and is replaced with another culinary great: bacalhau (cod). Why not order yourself some delicious, creamy bacalhau com natas? However, Easter Sunday more than makes up for the abstinence observed on Good Friday with succulent roast lamb, which represents Jesus himself, the Lamb of God.

To cap off your Easter feasts, Lisbon also offers a host of mouth-watering sweet treats, such as chocolate eggs and caramelized almonds.


In terms of cultural traditions, some that catch every visitor’s interest are the compasso pascal, or Easter walk, during which a priest visits the home of any parishioners who have laid flowers at their door; theatrical productions of the Passion of Christ; Easter Sunday Mass at Lisbon Cathedral; and the popular Easter processions (the ones held in Óbidos are the most impressive).

Beyond these traditions, visitors should also enjoy some of the everyday aspects that shape Lisbon’s soul, such as the weekly markets, the classic and sometimes unusual bookshops, bars at which to take in spectacular views over the city, or popular venues for an evening of traditional fado music.

Make time to discover some of Lisbon’s varied neighbourhoods as you take a gentle stroll through the quaint streets of Rossio, Baixa, Bairro Alto or Alfama, for example.

If you’re looking for the perfect base during your stay, remember that Gat Rossio has everything you need. Take a closer look at our hotel and book your room online at https://hotelgatrossio.com/en.

Travel Smart in Lisbon: Alfama

You will either love or hate Alfama–there’s no half measures! It will either seem an exhausting array of steep streets that slowly climb towards the Castelo de São Jorge or a charming hillside neighbourhood with quaint houses, traditional shops and businesses, lookout points, fado music houses and tiles, tiles and more tiles.

At the Gat Rossio hotel, which is located just a 20-minute walk away, we’re crazy about Alfama, and want to share our favourite things about this amazing area with you.

First, the views
Begin your tour in Martim Moníz Square, where the Tram 28 is ready to take you through the neighbourhoods of Rossio and Baixa to Portas do Sol in Alfama, the stop closest to the castle.

When you alight, head towards the Santa Lucía lookout point before visiting the impressive Castelo de São Jorge, which dates back to the time the city was under Moorish rule (Monday-Sunday, 09:00-21:00).
From the castle, look for Rua do Recolhimento to find the hidden-away lookout point, Miradouro del Jardim do Recolhimento.

Get ready for a thrilling descent!
Enjoy the treasures you discover along the way as you meander back down the hill to the hotel, such as the Miradouro das Portas do Sol, the steps down from Rua de São Miguel, Lisbon Cathedral (Monday-Sunday, 10:00-19:00), the Renaissance palace Casa dos Bicos or the Roman theatre (Tuesday-Sunday, 10:00-18:00).


If the main attractions are the body of Alfama, you need the soul
From Tuesday to Sunday, between 19:00 – 23:00, head over to Tasca do Jaime to enjoy the most authentic fado music house experience in the city (see more fado music houses here).

Finally, if you’re in Lisbon on a Tuesday or a Saturday, you can’t leave without visiting the renowned flea market, Feira da Ladra (for more Lisbon markets, click here).

Saint Travel Lovers’ Day!

This month, Gatrooms wants to celebrate Travel Lovers’ Day! To mark our alternative event, we have a gift for all the intrepid explorers who long to discover the lesser-known delights of Lisbon and Berlin: the Gatrooms travel guide.

It is a bible for anyone who, like the travellers we welcome at the Gat Point Charlie or Gat Rossio hotels, is on the lookout for alternative adventures and out-of-the-way corners to explore; enjoys experiencing culture beyond museum walls; loves to read or eat in extraordinary venues and settings; and opts for the most sustainable form of transport wherever they go.

If this sounds like you, download your guide to Berlin or Lisbon here: https://whereis.gatrooms.com/ebooks-smart-travel/

In this guide you’ll find…
A paradise for bibliophiles in our broad selection of alternative bookshops in Berlin, such as Shakespeare and Sons, where you can eat a delicious bagel while you read to your heart’s content.


Lisbon’s best-kept secrets, such as the smallest bookshop in the world, which is nestled in the Mouraria neighbourhood.


Unusual and sometimes bizarre venues in Berlin, some of which are enough to make your jaw drop, including Madame Claude, the bar in Kreuzberg that flips the world on its head.


The best places for enjoying a mind-blowing culinary experience, such as The Food Temple in Lisbon. In the summer, eating on the steps outside will make you feel as if you are at a street party!


We also reveal a large selection of fado music houses, with enough for you to visit a different one on every night of your stay in Lisbon: Mesa de Frades for Monday, Parreirinha de Alfama for Tuesday, Casa do Jaime for Wednesday…the list goes on!



Stories that shaped history, such as the invention of the bretzel by the Celts to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Wherever you decide to travel this Saint Valentine’s Day, make sure you travel SMART.