Discover Berlin in a weekend

We have challenged ourselves to create an exclusive 2-day Berlin itinerary for avid adventurers and culture seekers. Check out our suggestions for a fun-filled weekend that packs in the best sights and experiences the German capital has to offer.

Day 1


Start your Saturday under ground at the Berliner Unterwelten museum in the Mitte district as you explore a maze of bunkers and secret passageways that form part of the city’s rich history.


Keep your energy up for the busy day ahead by making a pit stop at Waffly for one of the best waffles in the area!


Head towards Prenzlauer Berg and visit the organic market on Kollwitzplatz. Make sure you pop into Kulturbraurei, Berlin’s “Culture Brewery”–their latest list of shows or screenings is bound to catch your eye.


Before leaving this district, which is one of the most bohemian parts of the city, we recommend a refreshing pre-lunch beer at the renowned Berliner Prater Garten.


Curry 36 is perhaps the best place in Berlin for trying one of the city’s famous Currywurst sausage. Wander freely around the Friedichshain-Kreuzberg area in between visits to the Berlinische Galerie (Museum of Modern Art) and the Jüdisches (Jewish) Museum, or take a leisurely stroll around the Friedrichshain Volkspark public park.

Make sure you time your adventures to allow you to watch the sun set over the double-deck Oberbaumbrücke bridge.


Enjoy dinner at the Café am Neuen See in the Tiergarten before an evening of old-school dancing at Ballhaus Berlin.


If you are a jazz lover, make time to take in a jam session at A-Trane Jazz Club, held every Saturday starting at midnight.

Day 2

Spend your morning exploring art galleries, enchanting bookstores or unusual bars in Berlin’s micro-neighbourhoods with an alternative vibe: Graefekiez, Rixdorf and Schillerkiez.

In the afternoon, discover the delights of the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district. Begin at the uber-elegant Schloss Charlottenburg palace before making your way to the spectacular Deutsche Oper Berlin opera house

The cherry on top of your trip lies in a visit to Teufelsberg, a former U.S. listening station set on a man-made hill. Get your camera ready!

To round off your whirlwind weekend of discovery, raise a glass in farewell to the city at the magnificent Klunkerkranich bar.

Saint Travel Lovers’ Day!

This month, Gatrooms wants to celebrate Travel Lovers’ Day! To mark our alternative event, we have a gift for all the intrepid explorers who long to discover the lesser-known delights of Lisbon and Berlin: the Gatrooms travel guide.

It is a bible for anyone who, like the travellers we welcome at the Gat Point Charlie or Gat Rossio hotels, is on the lookout for alternative adventures and out-of-the-way corners to explore; enjoys experiencing culture beyond museum walls; loves to read or eat in extraordinary venues and settings; and opts for the most sustainable form of transport wherever they go.

If this sounds like you, download your guide to Berlin or Lisbon here:

In this guide you’ll find…
A paradise for bibliophiles in our broad selection of alternative bookshops in Berlin, such as Shakespeare and Sons, where you can eat a delicious bagel while you read to your heart’s content.


Lisbon’s best-kept secrets, such as the smallest bookshop in the world, which is nestled in the Mouraria neighbourhood.


Unusual and sometimes bizarre venues in Berlin, some of which are enough to make your jaw drop, including Madame Claude, the bar in Kreuzberg that flips the world on its head.


The best places for enjoying a mind-blowing culinary experience, such as The Food Temple in Lisbon. In the summer, eating on the steps outside will make you feel as if you are at a street party!


We also reveal a large selection of fado music houses, with enough for you to visit a different one on every night of your stay in Lisbon: Mesa de Frades for Monday, Parreirinha de Alfama for Tuesday, Casa do Jaime for Wednesday…the list goes on!



Stories that shaped history, such as the invention of the bretzel by the Celts to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Wherever you decide to travel this Saint Valentine’s Day, make sure you travel SMART.