In Easter, enjoy Ostern in Berlin

Photo: @AndreuPoison

The Easter holidays are just around the corner, and our city is looking better than ever!

We think so, anyway – and when you read about Berlin’s Easter customs and traditions, festivals and markets, we think you’ll agree with us! We have a sneaky feeling that you are going to want to make your way here soon to see it all yourself…

Ostern in Berlin

In the German capital, tradition dictates kicking off Easter week on Gründonnerstag (Maundy Thursday) with a green seven herb soup followed by Osterlamm for dessert, a sweet Easter cake baked in the shape of a lamb and dusted with icing sugar. A delicious start to the Holy Week!

Photo: @_nudels_kitchen

Don’t miss the incredible events held to commemorate the changing seasons. Celebrate the arrival of spring at the Frühlingsfest in Kurt-Schumacher-Damm, the Britzer Baumblüte in the southern part of the city, and the Kirschblütenfest cherry blossom festival held in the Gärten der Welt (Gardens of the World), or bid farewell to winter on Easter Saturday around the huge bonfires held in Britzer Garten, Spandau and Frohnau, among others.

Photo: @berlimama

The world-famous German markets liven up the squares at Breitscheidplatz, with “Mr. Bunny” and twelve huge eggs, and Alexanderplatz, which will be decorated with nearly six thousand crochet eggs.


If you prefer to take a step back in time and visit a medieval market, head for the Museumsdorf Düppel, an open-air reconstruction of a typical 13th century German village that offers traditional Easter activities such as egg painting or storytelling. You will also have the chance to savour some typical German food – the smell of freshly-baked bread is irresistible!

Ladies and gents, we invite you to enjoy a fun-packed Holy Week by devouring a traditional green soup on Maundy Thursday, admiring the incredible colours of spring blooms at the Kirschblütenfest, bid farewell to winter with the bonfire at Britzer Garten and find the crochet eggs at Alexanderplatz.

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