The 10 best bars and cafés in Berlin

Are you planning a trip to this city? Do you know that apart from museums, parks and historical places, there are a large number of exciting bars and cafés in Berlin? As you can’t miss this cool aspect of the city, here you will find our selection of the best bars and cafes in Berlin, where you can have a good wine, a craft beer or one of the best coffees in town surrounded by a unique underground atmosphere.

The whole city looks old but modern at the same time…that’s something difficult to explain. Maybe the best way to describe it, is, as you will see in one of the most famous paintings on the wall: “Berlin ist arm aber sexy” (Berlin is poor but sexy), quoting mayor Klaus Wowereit.

Berlin is constantly changing. Lots of visitors from around the world arrive every year, looking for the new opportunities that the city gives you. Due to the brand-new trends in technology, fashion and business, lots of startups decide to be based here.

It’s because of this young, trendy atmosphere and business sense, that you can find lots of leisure options for all audiences. And that’s why it isn’t easy to pick only 10 of the best places in Berlin.

1-. Die Berliner Republik

Traditional pub based in Mitte with more than 18 different beers. You can also taste some of the typical dishes like the tasty Eisbein (pickled knuckle of pork) and feel at home. Their kitchen is open until the 5am, so you don’t have to hurry 😉

It’s quite difficult to define its average price. From 5pm craft beers are sold according to the supply and demand of the moment like a “bierbörse” or beermarket.


How to arrive: U-bahn and S-bahn Friedrichstraße


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2-. Barbie Deinhoff’s Berlín

Classified as a gay bar, Barbie Deinhoff’s has a funny decoration with some art and kitsch pieces hanging on the ceiling and walls. It’s the perfect bar to go for a drink with friends or dinner with good music and low prices.

Different from the usual bars, the “happy hour” is on Tuesdays. If you have plans to visit Kreuzberg, you should go there, with no doubts, to have a drink in an original and casual atmosphere.

How to get there: U-Bahn  Schlessisches Tor

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3-. Katiies Blue Cat

Small coffee shop between Kreuzberg and Neuköln, where you can taste an excellent coffee and a selection of cookies, cakes, etc…made with lots of love. (you also have gluten free options)

Their owners made their dream come true, building this cafeteria where locals and tourists feel at home. This is made possible thanks to all the passion they put into getting a really special atmosphere. A perfect place to take a break and have a lovely snack, or start the day with a tasty breakfast.

How to get there: U-bahn Schönleinstraße


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4-. Luzia

With a large range of different cocktails, Luzia is a cool place to go for a drink with friends in a unique atmosphere in Kreuzberg. Its decoration is 100% “berlin style”; walls with no paint, industrial touch mixed with delicate elements like flowers, lights, etc…

If you are hungry, we recommend having snack before going, as they don’t serve any. It’s usually crowded so, be patient, it’s worth it and the music is always excellent.

How to arrive: U-bahn Kottbusser Tor



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5-. Klunkerkranich

In an impressive outdoor location, Klunkenkranich is the ideal terrace to have an incredible view of the city, with amazing music while you enjoy the sunset.

Before you go, you should know that it’s a little bit difficult to find, and there’s no sign on the way. [Tip: go to the Neuköln Arcaden mall and take the elevator to the rooftop terrace.]

Even though you have to pay for the entrance, cocktails, drinks and snacks have a reasonable price.

How to get there: U-bahn Rathaus Neukölln



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6-. Club der Visionäre

The perfect bar for a summer night. Located outdoors on the river bank, Club der Visionäre offers a quiet atmosphere to chat with your friends while you have a drink. During the night, there are some people dancing but, in fact, it’s not the most animated bar in Berlin to do that. If you fancy some dancing, you will find some nice places in the surrounding area to party all night long.

How to arrive: U-Bahn  Schlessisches Tor


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7-. Café plazebo

Located in the elegant neighborhood of Prenzlauerberg, here you will find a really tasty coffee with a big range of breakfast and brunch options, or cakes to accompany your coffee. Calm ambience and views of the lively Kastanienallee. Good price ratio.

How to arrive: U-bahn Eberswalder Straße



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8-. Wiener Blut

Vienese restaurant located in one of the most crowded parts of the city. Wiener Blut has a dark, red interior but it’s genuine with a casual atmosphere. It’s an ideal place to go for a drink, surrounded by good music and people playing table football.

In summer, you can go outdoors and relax. If you are looking for good music, on Thursdays soul and funk is played, on Saturdays there is always a special guest and on Sundays there is a jukebox. Ask for your favorite song!

How to arrive: U-bahn Görlitzer



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9-. Vagabund Brauerei 

If you fancy a good “ale” this is your bar. With a quiet atmosphere in Wedding neighborhood and its own beer.

From Monday to Friday it opens at 5pm and weekends at 1pm. But, they do not have a closing time so, you don’t have to worry about being late. That’s something quite typical in Berlin. As they don’t have any law to make the bars in Berlin close at a specific time, the owners are the ones who decide at what time the party ends.

Despite not serving any food or snack, they have a list of local restaurants where you can ask for your meal.

As it’s said in Vagabun Brauerei website “A good time begins with a good beer”.

How to arrive: U-bahn Leopoldplatz



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10-. Bei Schlawinchen

Bar with drinks for a good price located in Kreuzberg. It has been named as “the bar that never closes”, as it’s opened 23 hours/day.

Its decoration is quite funny; motorbikes, drums and other curiosities hang from the ceiling. It has cheap drinks and is one of the oddest places in Berlin, however it isn’t a good option if you are looking for a romantic and peaceful ambience with your partner.

How to arrive: U-bahn Schönleinstraße

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These are our recommendation of the 10 best bars and cafés in Berlin Have you already visited any of them? Are you planning to go to any? Leave a comment and tell us!