11 Best clubs in Berlin to enjoy city nightlife

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Do you want to enjoy a night out during your stay in Berlin? Then you are in luck.

The city´s nightlife scene is one of its most defining aspects. Many new artists looking for new opportunities, and lots of clubs searching for the trendiest sounds, make Berlin one of the most vibrant cities in terms of music.

Since the 90’s, Berlin has been famous around the world because of the techno and electro DJs who play the best sounds every weekend.

But, if you are thinking about a night out in Berlin, be prepared. The first thing you need to know is that you’ll find all kinds of people, wearing clothes of every style you can imagine. Some of the clubs are open all weekend with no interruptions. So, for example, you can party on a Sunday morning after breakfast, isn’t it curious?

You also have to take into account that, in some clubs, there are some entry requirements. Some advice: don’t’ wear your best clothes, stay relaxed and don’t make too much noise while you are queuing and always try to go with a local in case they ask you something in German.

The area with the most night clubs is Kreuzberg-Friedirchshain. But, in fact, you will find nightlife all around the city.

For now, to start preparing your night, here you have our selection of the best clubs in Berlin to enjoy the city nightlife.


1-. Berghain & Panorama Bar

The most famous club in city. Berghain & Panorama Bar is an old power station, considered to be the best club in Berlin in terms of music.

It started as a gay disco but, even though there are a lot of heterosexuals, it is definitely for open-minded people, looking for good music and keen to get inside.

Berghain is the main room, where only techno music is played and with DJs from all over the world. The Panorama Bar is upstairs and has a more varied line-up and is more house-oriented. In the basement, you’ll find Lab. Oratory, a liberal club with thematic nights dedicated to different sexual perversions. That room is only for the most daring and open-minded people.

Web: http://www.berghain.de

How to arrive: S-bahn Ostbanhof

Best_clubs_in_Berlin_Berghain & Panorama Bar
Best_clubs_in_Berlin_Berghain & Panorama Bar












2-. Sysiphos 

Located in an old cookie factory in Lichtenberg, the entrance is not as restrictive as other clubs.

Also open all weekend with no interruptions. Perfect for techno lovers. It has an indoor dance floor, another outdoors and even a small beach. It is better if you go in the evening than at night because there will be a shorter queue.

Apart from being one of the most famous clubs, it is considered to be one of the best clubs in Berlin.

Web: https://sisyphos-berlin.net

How to arrive: Betriefsbanhof Rummelsberg S-bahn











3-. Wilden Renate

An old house in Friedrichshain, with different atmospheres distributed throughout different rooms, its kitsch style won’t leave you indifferent. In every room, there’s excellent music and lots of places to take a seat.

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you will probably go straight past the club without noticing. So, pay attention to where you are around AltStralau Straße number 70.

PS: Watch out! It’s quite easy to get lost inside the house.

Web: http://www.renate.cc

How to arrive:  Treptower Park S-bahn

Wilden Renate_Best_clubs_in_Berlin
Wilden Renate_Best_clubs_in_Berlin












4-. Chalet

An old building in the center of Kreuzberg built over 150 years ago. It’s a trip to the 19th Century, located in an area full of bars and clubs, which is perfect if you fancy a drink before going to Chalet.

This club is aimed at tourists and the mainstream public, but despite that, it’s a good place to enjoy good music and have fun with friends. It’s open 7 days a week.

The decoration is amazing: lots of small rooms to explore through the night, vintage lamps and armchairs, and wallpapers with antique patterns.

As for the entrance, it isn´t usually restrictive but stay calm while you are queueing.

Web: http://www.chalet-berlin.de

How to arrive: Schlesisches Tor U-bahn















5-. Club der Visonaire

Located in Kreuzberg, at the edge of the canal. It has a quieter atmosphere and it’s really nice during summer. The place looks like a small house with a dock that’s used as a terrace. It’s surrounded by a lot of other bars and clubs.

Club der Visionaire is open from 2pm. During the day, the music is usually more relaxed but, at night it becomes more dance orientated. Even though most of the people are sitting having a drink, you can enjoy excellent music until the early hours of the morning.

Web: https://clubdervisionaere.com

How to arrive: Schesisches Tor U-bahn

Club der Visonaire_Best_clubs_in_Berlin
Club der Visonaire_Best_clubs_in_Berlin












6-. Watergate

A well-known club in Kreuzberg, at the Spree’s edge with an amazing view and a small terrace with some tables and chairs to see the sunset.

If it’s your first time, you should know that it is a little bit difficult to find. It’s on the Kreuzberg side of the bridge, but if you ask there, you will have no problem finding it. It’s located in an area full of bars and other clubs so, you have lots of options to go for a drink before you go inside.

The entrance price is a little bit higher than other clubs in Berlin (15€) and they are a little bit stricter about letting you in.

Web: http://water-gate.de

How to arrive: Schelesisches Tor U-bahn













7-. Tresor

Located in the warehouse of an old electric power plant in the city center. Getting in is not as difficult as in other clubs in Berlin. It’s a little bit far from other bars or clubs if you want to go somewhere else before or afterwards, but don’t worry, it closes at 11am.

Unlike other clubs the music is harder (hard techno) and not that electro minimal style. It is a good place to submerge yourself in the real Berlin’s night atmosphere.

It has two floors, downstairs (the most impressive one) is characterized for its hard music, with red dim light full of hiding places in a slightly baffling atmosphere.

Web: https://tresorberlin.com

How to arrive: Heinrich-hein Straße U-bahn














8-. Ritter Butzke 

Like some other clubs in Berlin, it’s an old factory in the city center. Once you are inside, an exciting and unique experience starts; with three different rooms and a terrace with different music styles from techno to more commercial.

The DJs who play there are usually Berliners, as the club wants to strengthen local artist more than international ones. They are normally quite selective at the entrance with tourists, so it’s better if you go there with a local.

Modern decoration with lots of details that make it a unique place. Usually there are live concerts in one of its rooms. Some people say the music is boring, but in fact it isn’t true; it’s usually melodic electronic music, (different from other techno clubs) and in some rooms more like techno-house music. Large queues are normal, so we recommend buying your ticket in advance.

 Web: http://club.ritterbutzke.com

How to arrive: Moritzplatz U-bahn

Ritter Butzke_Best_clubs_in_Berlin












9-. Cassiopeia

It’s located in a big industrial space with bars and outdoor areas, but the dance floor is definitely at Cassiopeia, in one of the places with the best party atmospheres and the most bars and clubs.

It is characterized by street art, as the whole area is full of graffiti and other paintings. It represents the more reclaimed part of Berlin. Live concerts of alternative artists are quite frequent, mainly in summer and during “Fête de la musique”.

In general, we can say that it has a magical atmosphere, with different rooms and music of different styles for every audience. 

Web: https://cassiopeia-berlin.de

How to arrive: Warschauersraße U-bahn














10-. Golden Gate

Club in Friedrichshain with a calm, underground atmosphere located under the S-bahn railroad. Techno-house music is played and is always led by Berliner DJs. There is also a small terrace to enjoy in the summer.

It’s small, with light, simple decoration. It is known for its opening hours, something outstanding even in Berlin; from Thursday evening to Friday evening, and from Friday night to Monday morning.

Web: http://www.goldengate-berlin.de

How to arrive: Jannowitzbrücke U-bahn/S-bahn

Golden Gate_Best_clubs_in_Berlin


11-. Week End

Located in the 13th floor of a building in Alexanderplatz, it is the ideal place to see the sunset. Different from other clubs in Berlin, it has a more chic and minimalistic style. It has a big terrace to enjoy the amazing views of the city.

The entrance and drinks are little bit more expensive than in most clubs in the city.

Web: http://www.houseofweekend.berlin

How to arrive: Alexanderplatza S-bahn/U-bahn

Week End_Best_clubs_in_Berlin













These are our recommendation of the best 11 best clubs in Berlin to enjoy city nightlife. Have you already visited any of them? Are you planning to go to any? Leave a comment and tell us!