“Allure” by Sylvia Rybak

Sylvia Rybak is a Berlin-based photographer from Warsaw, Poland and is currently studying at the University of Applied Sciences Europe.

Her interest in the creative arts spawned from her fascination with the unreal and surreal. As Sylvia’s ideas developed, she realized that the simultaneously realistic and manipulative art of photography was her most preferred means of communication. Her images are created with the focus of both providing the viewer with an aesthetic experience and giving an insight into the absurdity of the unconscious and dreams. Sylvia’s images are a visual manifesto of what she finds beautiful: strong colors, flora, interesting textures – all combined into conceptual photographs.

The Berlin-based photographer Sylvia Rybak presented on December 7th 2017 her “Allure” exhibition at Gat Point Charlie.

More about Sylvia: http://www.artconnect.com/profile/sylvia-rybak