“Allure” by Sylvia Rybak

Sylvia Rybak is a Berlin-based photographer from Warsaw, Poland and is currently studying at the University of Applied Sciences Europe.

Her interest in the creative arts spawned from her fascination with the unreal and surreal. As Sylvia’s ideas developed, she realized that the simultaneously realistic and manipulative art of photography was her most preferred means of communication. Her images are created with the focus of both providing the viewer with an aesthetic experience and giving an insight into the absurdity of the unconscious and dreams. Sylvia’s images are a visual manifesto of what she finds beautiful: strong colors, flora, interesting textures – all combined into conceptual photographs.

The Berlin-based photographer Sylvia Rybak presented on December 7th 2017 her “Allure” exhibition at Gat Point Charlie.

More about Sylvia: http://www.artconnect.com/profile/sylvia-rybak


































“Ver el mundo con ojos de extraño” by Sara Valcárcel

Sara Valcárcel was born in 1994 in Galicia, where she studied Audiovisual Communication. She had the opportunity to “emigrate” for a year to Buenos Aires, following the path of her parent´s family. She fell in love with the people, the landscapes, their conception of the world and their lifestyle. She bought a backpack to take all the paths she encountered, fascinated with eyes wide open, trying to learn everything about this new world that was opening in front of her. Now, she is based in Berlin and she is presenting her first exhibition “Ver el mundo con ojos de extraño” in the Gat Point Charlie Hotel.


sara-valcarcel-1 sara-valcarcel-7
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Sexy wine & Amarela wine tasting

Isn’t it clear enough? What a funny evening providing Gat Rossio’s friends a wine tasting in the sexiest way. Next time do not miss it!

gat-rooms-rossio-gatcube gat-rooms-rossio-gatcube03-02

“Heirs of champions” by Oficina da imagem

The present exhibition of eight new promises in the Portuguese photography is a consequence and a confirmation of the actual state of development of the art of writing with light in Portugal. For the second consecutive year, Portugal won the Gold Medal, meaning to be the champion of the world in the international competition World Photographic Cup, considered the Olympics of Photography (worldphotographiccup.org/results/). Some of the artists, Ana Costa, Luís Domingos, Luís Miranda, Marcos Ribeiro and Nicolae Popá are still studying at OFICINA DA IMAGEM school of photography (www.oficinadaimagem.com). Cristina Menezes Alves, Miguel Gago and Rosângela Rodrigues where students in the same school in recent years, now embracing professionalism.

This collective exhibition will be shown at Hotel Gat Rossio from the 29th July until the 29th September 2017.

officina-da-imagem_1 officina-da-imagem_2 officina-da-imagem_3 officina-da-imagem_4 officina-da-imagem_5 officina-da-imagem_6 officina-da-imagem_7 officina-da-imagem_17 officina-da-imagem_16 officina-da-imagem_15 officina-da-imagem_14 officina-da-imagem_13 officina-da-imagem_12 officina-da-imagem_11 officina-da-imagem_10 officina-da-imagem_9 officina-da-imagem_8 officina-da-imagem_18 officina-da-imagem_19 officina-da-imagem_27 officina-da-imagem_26 officina-da-imagem_24 officina-da-imagem_23 officina-da-imagem_22 officina-da-imagem_21 officina-da-imagem_20 officina-da-imagem_28 officina-da-imagem_25 officina-da-imagem_29 officina-da-imagem_gatcube officina-da-imagem_31 officina-da-imagem_37 officina-da-imagem_36 officina-da-imagem_35 officina-da-imagem_34 officina-da-imagem_33 officina-da-imagem_32 officina-da-imagem_49 officina-da-imagem_48 officina-da-imagem_47 officina-da-imagem_46 officina-da-imagem_45 officina-da-imagem_44 officina-da-imagem_43 officina-da-imagem_42 officina-da-imagem_41 officina-da-imagem_40 officina-da-imagem_39 officina-da-imagem_38 officina-da-imagem_55 officina-da-imagem_54 officina-da-imagem_53 officina-da-imagem_52 officina-da-imagem_51 officina-da-imagem_50 officina-da-imagem_61 officina-da-imagem_60 officina-da-imagem_59 officina-da-imagem_58 officina-da-imagem_57 officina-da-imagem_56 officina-da-imagem_gatcube officina-da-imagem_66 officina-da-imagem_65 officina-da-imagem_64 officina-da-imagem_63 officina-da-imagem_62

“Sketches of London”- by Joao Martins Pereira

João Martins Pereira is an outdoor photographer based in Lisbon.

His main subjects include people, travel and wildlife photography.

A passionate traveler, he has visited more than 70 countries capturing geographic, human and cultural diversity.



joao-martins-pereira-04 joao-martins-pereira-gat-cube joao-martins-pereira-06 joao-martins-pereira-05 joao-martins-pereira-01  joao-martins-pereira-03

“Fé nos orixás” by Ed Ribeiro

Ed Ribeiro gives us a great contribution to understand in depth the whole of religion connection. It is art, with the sensitivity of our people. And this appreciation of Afro-Brazilian culture, which is the work of this artist. Innovative technique, PAINT SPILL, creating forms movements without using brushes, spatulas, or other instruments, with an energy of a great work.

November 01 to December 30.

ed-ribeiro-gatcube ed-ribeiro-gatcube ed-ribeiro-56  ed-ribeiro-54 ed-ribeiro-53 ed-ribeiro-52 ed-ribeiro-51 ed-ribeiro-47 ed-ribeiro-48 ed-ribeiro-49 ed-ribeiro-50 ed-ribeiro-46 ed-ribeiro-45 ed-ribeiro-44 ed-ribeiro-43 ed-ribeiro-39 ed-ribeiro-40 ed-ribeiro-41 ed-ribeiro-42 ed-ribeiro-38 ed-ribeiro-37 ed-ribeiro-36 ed-ribeiro-35 ed-ribeiro-34 ed-ribeiro-33 ed-ribeiro-32 ed-ribeiro-31 ed-ribeiro-30 ed-ribeiro-26 ed-ribeiro-27 ed-ribeiro-28 ed-ribeiro-29 ed-ribeiro-25 ed-ribeiro-24 ed-ribeiro-23 ed-ribeiro-22 ed-ribeiro-18 ed-ribeiro-19 ed-ribeiro-20 ed-ribeiro-21 ed-ribeiro-14 ed-ribeiro-15 ed-ribeiro-16 ed-ribeiro-17 ed-ribeiro-13 ed-ribeiro-12 ed-ribeiro-11 ed-ribeiro-10 ed-ribeiro-6 ed-ribeiro-7 ed-ribeiro-8 ed-ribeiro-gatcube ed-ribeiro-5 ed-ribeiro-4 ed-ribeiro-3