“Ver el mundo con ojos de extraño” by Sara Valcárcel

Sara Valcárcel was born in 1994 in Galicia, where she studied Audiovisual Communication. She had the opportunity to “emigrate” for a year to Buenos Aires, following the path of her parent´s family. She fell in love with the people, the landscapes, their conception of the world and their lifestyle. She bought a backpack to take all the paths she encountered, fascinated with eyes wide open, trying to learn everything about this new world that was opening in front of her. Now, she is based in Berlin and she is presenting her first exhibition “Ver el mundo con ojos de extraño” in the Gat Point Charlie Hotel.


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Berlin Berlin Berlin Photo Contest

Organized by Gat Rooms to support new photography talents.
The competition was framed within the project berlin berlin berlin, 3 visions 1 city, a collective exhibition that took place in between the Hotel Gat Point Charlie and the Spanish Embassy in Berlin.
The 3 categories corresponded with the 3 views that anyone can have about the city of Berlin: the #gatberliner, the #gattraveller & the #gatgreeted
The award ceremony took place at the Hotel Gat Point Charlie on the 22nd of April 2015


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“Forat” by Adriá Izaguirre

Adrià (1985) studied both graphic design and sculpture. After working for some years as an art director in Barcelona for adventising agencies, he moved to Berlin where he focused his attention in illustration and tattooing. His mix of disciplines can be found in the pursuit of balance between simple lines and volumes filled with textures, trademark of his work, which displays an interesting two-sided influence flavored with some recognizable elements of Surrealism and Medieval religious Art. At the Gat Point Charlie from February to April 2015.

GAT-CUBE-adria-yzaguirre-01  GAT-CUBE-adria-yzaguirre-10  GAT-CUBE-adria-yzaguirre-08 GAT-CUBE-adria-yzaguirre-07 GAT-CUBE-adria-yzaguirre-06 GAT-CUBE-adria-yzaguirre-05 GAT-CUBE-adria-yzaguirre-04 GAT-CUBE-adria-yzaguirre-03 GAT-CUBE-adria-yzaguirre-02

“Contemplatio & Magic rooms” by Carlos Collado

Carlos Collado (Barcelona 1977) : “It moves me to observe people looking at something or someone. Perhaps it is because I identify with the person that stops to contemplate that which has caught their attention. I find that the attitude of observing the unknown and following it with the gaze reveals individuals as they truly are”. Magic Rooms & Compemplatio, are two series of photographs that were shown at the Gat Point Charlie Hotel between the 24th of September and the 29th of October 2014.



GAT-CUBE-carlos-collado-08 GAT-CUBE-carlos-collado-04 GAT-CUBE-carlos-collado-06 GAT-CUBE-carlos-collado-05 GAT-CUBE-carlos-collado-03 GAT-CUBE-carlos-collado-02 GAT-CUBE-carlos-collado-09 GAT-CUBE-carlos-collado-10 gatcube-carloscollado-gatpointcharlir GAT-CUBE-carlos-collado-07