The Carnival of Cultures begins on 2 June in Berlin

Visiting Berlin at this time of year is a great idea: starting in June, we can enjoy the Berlin Carnival of Cultures (Karneval der Kulturen).

This festival takes place every year during the Pentecost week and is a celebration of cultural diversity. This year, the celebrations will kick off on Friday 2 June with the Street Fest, the carnival’s main attraction. Continue reading “The Carnival of Cultures begins on 2 June in Berlin”

Where are… the best cafeterias in Berlin?

If you happen to be in Berlin for ITB, which is the Leading Travel Trade Show and you love coffee as much as we do, then you should take a look at this coffee guide we have prepared for you! Let the coffee breaks between work be as awesome as possible while visiting these 10 great places.  Continue reading “Where are… the best cafeterias in Berlin?”

Did you miss TallerGat Spain?

From 12th to 13th March 2016, we celebrated in Gat Rossio our special event called TallerGat Spain, hosted by the well-known photographer and architect Nicanor García.

Nicanor Garcia proposed a workshop based on the city and what it can offer to a photographic eye, paying special attention to the architecture that conforms the city and people who give it life. This allowed us to establish narratives across the two issues and explore its links.  Continue reading “Did you miss TallerGat Spain?”

Berlin through the eyes of nine Instagramers… #TheGatExperience in a post

4 days and 9 Instagramers. This has been #TheGatExperience. A new vision of Berlin and of GatRooms. Here you have some of the pictures that @aenede, @msubirats, @nicanorgarcia, @franvat,, @roldixbcn, @olgavimo, @jeplluis and @sil8 have shared with us. Take a look!

Continue reading “Berlin through the eyes of nine Instagramers… #TheGatExperience in a post”